Social Media Wizard?

After having a few internships in the marketing field, social media has become something more valuable than any type of marketing in my eyes. For some companies, Twitter and Facebook aren’t going to get the job done when it comes to driving sales, however, both of these social media giants are great for brand awareness,  especially when the given target audience is a high priority user of the platforms.

Going into this assignment, I whipped out a tool called PablobyBuffer to create my ads, making it simple and efficient. It’s one of my go-to’s now whenever having to come up with social media content. Evaluating how beneficial it is to use Facebook ads really depends on the length of which you’ve posted your ad and how many impressions it’s gotten by your given audience which is a fantastic tool for business owners. For my second social media challenge bank challenge it was easy for me to see results from my photos because I’ve actually posted them to Tulips’ Facebook page and have seen their reach. In order to reach the 18-24 aged audience in Norman, posting them on Twitter may be more effective than Facebook, unless it’s an event.

For those who aren’t, and even really for those who are, using tools like this is wonderful for marketing on the platform. As far as Twitter goes, the type of audience using the platform is going to be quite different and expect different things from businesses like promos, images, and videos. They are looking for a relationship with establishments that will benefit them whenever they’re scrolling through their feed and to catch those favorites and retweets, the tweets need to be compelling and useful to them.

My market size did not surprise me for the Tulips ads, however, I am impressed with how accurate the tool is and it’s ability to provide those kinds of insights. Typically, a photo of the products is going to be a better option for a shop like Tulips because of it is a niche store with really three services, but when you reach the right audience for specific gifts, events, etc., we do see results. Art work for the bakery ad may have to be much more elaborate than the simple PablobyBuffer image in order to run a full-length campaign and those numbers would definitely have to be crunched because the business will spend more than $300 teaching the class, so they’d definitely want to make a profit by reaching as many women and mothers as possible.


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